Gregory Erich Phillips headshot

Novelist, Musician, Tango Dancer!

My first novel, “Love of Finished Years” won the Chaucer Award in historical fiction, as well as the Grand Prize for best book of the year across all genres from Chanticleer Reviews. It is coming out in Summer 2017 through SillanPaceBrown.

I have often been called a renaissance man, and I believe my diverse life experiences help to give a richness to the characters in my novels. I work by day as a mortgage banker, play the violin and sing in the cathedral choir, and moonlight as a tango performer (I have danced on stages in San Francisco, New York City and Seattle). Somewhere in the margins of time, I write books. There is always time to pursue your passion!

I have published two books on religion/spirituality, and dozens of articles on home finance. But novels have been my passion since I was fourteen and wrote my first historical epic. (It was dreadful and really should have been burned by now!) Like so many others, the path from writing down the stories in my head to holding a published novel in my hand has been long and humbling.

I live in Seattle, Washington with Rachel: my wife, my tango partner and my muse.

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