Reclaimed: This Catholic Faith is Mine!

Take a fresh, bold look at modern Catholicism.

Book cover for Reclaimed: This Catholic Faith is Mine!What does it mean to reclaim your faith? How do American youth view religious freedom today? Are Catholics, living in a culture responding to Pope Francis, finding new ways to view their faith? Can this religion of our parents and grandparents still provide a meaningful framework for spiritual fulfillment for modern Christians?

In Reclaimed: This Catholic Faith is Mine! author Gregory Erich Phillips encourages all Christians to remember the abundant joy and love at the heart of the religion, which compels believers to bring their authentic selves out into the world.

Reclaimed takes a fresh, bold look at the reality of living as a Catholic in our time. When faced with a modern culture opposed to Catholicism or ambivalent toward a life of faith, many retreat into church communities or private devotion. Reclaimed encourages all Christians to remember the abundant joy and love at the heart of our religion, and compels us to bring our authentic selves out into the world.

By sharing his own spiritual journey, and radical perspective on Catholicism, author Gregory Erich Phillips helps others rediscover, renew, and most importantly reclaim their faith.

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Book Synopsis

What does it mean to be Catholic today? Does it mean adherence to a set of rules, or a certain social program? Unfortunately, that is the way many Catholics view their faith. It is also how the world tends to view Catholicism.

Rather than this, Catholicism offers us a life filled with joy, for we worship and adore a God who is love itself! When Gregory speaks with his peers, it breaks his heart to hear what little idea they have of the joy that will come from a life following Christ.

The purpose of Reclaimed: This Catholic Faith Is Mine! is to reach those Catholics, particularly young Catholics, who have drifted away from the Church, as well as those who still practice their faith, but lack fervor and pride. Gregory prays this generation can renew Catholicism in the joy and love on which Christ founded it.

Reclaimed addresses the position of today’s Catholics, faced with a culture hostile to the Christian message, and a Church that has often failed to live up to the standards it teaches. This book uniquely identifies the specifics of this difficult environment, while urging readers to remember the true meaning of Christianity—the reason we want to follow Christ—which is simply love. For this we should be both joyful and proud.

Book Reviews and Recognition

Reclaimed is a book for our times, making a powerful case for the spiritual, moral, and intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church, and urging all of us—especially young adults—to “reclaim” the faith of our parents and grandparents, and make it our own. With its wide-ranging discussion of the Church and moral issues both public and private, it provides invaluable help for anyone who wants to have a meaningful conversation about Catholicism with non-Catholics.”

– Father Michael G. Ryan, St. James Cathedral, Seattle, WA

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